Some Things - Single

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Verse 1

We weren’t meant to share the same bed
All along I’ve had this fear
You’re not the person I knew
But I know I need you here

We’re still living in this place
But these rooms are full of pain
We know it’s all for the best
There’s nothing left here to gain


Somethings are still the same
Some things will never change
Some things, they still remain
Some things are still the same


Verse 2

You’re planning out your future
I know I won’t be there
It’s getting hard to let go
All the things we used to share

I hope you find what you need
I’ll be off to find my way
There’s so much I learned from you
You’ll always be part of me



It’s time, to let go
All these things we used to know
Some things are still the same
But it’s time for us to change